Hi, I'm Gene, an independent iOS developer with four years of experience offering seven apps on the App Store and building apps for clients.


Gene Bogdanovich Independent iOS Developer

App Development

I will help you bring your app idea to life -- from initial sketches to product launch. I maintain a SwiftUI-first mindset to develop cutting-edge apps that rise above the challenges of the current market.


I will analyze your iOS project and guide you through the steps required to improve its performance. I will assess your app's stats, analytics, financial information, codebase's health, and more.

App Marketing

I will help your app achieve success on the App Store. Everything from user acquisition to market strategy, App Store optimization to customer churn -- I'm by your side.

App Monetization

I believe customers deserve the very best user experience with in-app purchases. That is why I meticulously studied all aspects of app monetization and will bring my expertise to your business.

iOS Design

Since a very young age, I've been passionate about iOS apps. I have a sense of how design should work in the Apple ecosystem. I'm also devoted to making apps accessible to everybody.

Backend Integration

I will work alongside your backend developer to seamlessly integrate and optimize your backend. I also have expert knowledge of Core Data for apps that don't require a remote backend.


Martial Arts Journal


Meet my product on the App Store. As a martial arts practitioner, I've built this app for fellow artists. This project gave me a solid understanding of conceptualizing, designing, building, shipping, and marketing a software product.

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